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e-Commerce Search Engine Becomes Smarter + Faster

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Metal Networks.AI e-Commerce Search Engine Becomes Smarter + Faster

Metal Networks.AI today announced the Release 2.0 of its AI-powered JAQI® search engine. According to the company, its patent-pending technology makes it faster and easier than ever before to find unfinished and semi-finished metal products in electronic catalogues or inventory databases.

The latest release includes enhancements that significantly expand the number of supported shapes to include almost all long and flat products. JAQI® search now supports rods, bars, beams, angles, channels tees, pipes, tubes, sheets, plates, coils, expanded metal, bar gratings, and grip struts. The enhancements have tremendously improved the speed and accuracy of search while processing inquiries expressed in conventional industry “shorthand” or nomenclatures. Machine Learning further optimizes the search by presenting results that meet the customer’s exact requirement or displaying viable alternatives.

“JAQI® was designed for fast multi-item search to address a major source of frustration for Metal Service Centers who find the conventional item by item search on their e-commerce sites and quoting systems too cumbersome and slow for large RFQs”, says Abhay Mathur, Chief Product Architect. “With the latest release, we have raised the bar for fast online search even higher.” In recent tests, JAQI® can find 50+ different metal products simultaneously in 10 to 25 seconds depending on database size. A comparable RFQ could take over 30 minutes with conventional search tools. There is no practical limit to the number of inquiry items a user can include in a JAQI® search. A video demonstration can be found here.

JAQI® Search powers e-commerce webstores, marketplaces and quoting platforms. Further information about JAQI® and Metal Networks.AI’s innovative solutions for frictionless commerce can be obtained at https://metalnetworks.ai/ or by contacting them at sales@metalnetworks.com.

About Metal Networks.AI
Metal Networks.AI was established in 2017 with the goal of enabling the metals supply chain with AI, search-driven technology that enables e-commerce & marketplace adoption. The company is intensely focused on creating a faster + connected metals procurement experience.  Leveraging its patent-pending JAQI® Search technology, metals supply chains can connect quickly and efficiently through its 100% channel friendly Distributor-to-Distributor (D2D) marketplace.