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What people are saying about
Metal Networks

  • “Really like the D2D concept as it operates horizontally in the supply chain” - Director, Operations
  • "Really like the concept on faster buyouts, will really save time” - VP, Operations
  • “Due to uncertain supply, the marketplace would be a great tool/service” - Domestic/International Sales
  • “This tool will save a lot of time especially when sales teams are working remotely” - Purchasing Manager
  • “Simple enough to be usable for an old man like me” - Sales Manager
  • "As a manager, I like that my team can see quotes/ bids history company-wide" - National Sales, Manager
  • "I am glad that I can run it independently of my ERP as I don't have one” - President, Pipe Distributor
  • “We do a lot of buyouts and Metal Networks tool will be very helpful” - Director, Supply Chain
  • “Little or no bottlenecks when receiving pricing” - Purchasing Manager
  • “Like the catalog creation part” - Inside Sales Manager
  • “Very intuitive and straight forward interface” VP, Purchasing
  • “JAQI search is WOW” - National Sales Manager

Some facts about B2B Digital Buying Preferences & e-Commerce...

  • Millennials are driving up the use of e-Commerce among all B2B Buyers with 31% support
  • 87% of B2B Buyers are purchasing on e-Commerce platforms
  • About 25% of B2B Buyers prefer digital B2B buying
  • All age groups prioritize digital channels, each for different reasons
  • Baby Boomers generally buy through the RFP or tender process more often than any other age group

Our buyout e-commerce platform is the perfect bridge for the demographic changes under way in the metals industry.  Contact us for a more detailed report on digital buying preferences.


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