AI-enabled digital commerce & RFQ automation tools for industrial material supply chains

What people are saying...

  • “Really like the B2B concept as it operates horizontally in the supply chain” - Director, Operations
  • “This tool will save a lot of time especially when we are working remotely” - Purchasing Manager
  • “Simple enough to be usable for an old man like me” - Sales & Procurement Manager
  • "I am glad that I can run it independently of my ERP as I don't have one” - President, Pipe Distributor
  • “I like the catalog creation part - no uploading or maintenance required” - Inside Sales Manager
  • “JAQI search is WOW” - National Sales Manager

Some facts about B2B Digital Buying Preferences & e-Commerce...

  • Millennials are driving up the use of e-Commerce among all B2B Buyers with 31% support
  • 87% of B2B Buyers are purchasing on e-Commerce platforms
  • About 25% of B2B Buyers prefer digital B2B buying
  • All age groups prioritize digital channels, each for different reasons
  • Baby Boomers generally buy through the RFP or tender process more often than any other age group

Our platform is the perfect bridge for the demographic changes under way in the B2B industrial space.  Contact us for a more detailed report on digital buying preferences.

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