Power your B2B industrial supply chain with AI-enabled product translation & catalog matching technology.

Sales quotes & RFQ lists full of abbreviated product specs are a massive hidden cost of doing business and slows down e-Commerce adoption

1. Automate Your Sales InboxSales reps spending too much time on data entry & "watching the inbox"?

Streamline manual quote creation and feed your emails, spreadsheets & PDF's into our translation engine to automate your quoting process!
2. Power your e-Commerce SiteWondering why your Buyers are not using your e-Commerce website?

"Point & Click", filters & drop-downs don't work for abbreviated product descriptions or specs that use industry lingo or nomenclatures.  

Translate & match B2B products & material lists (BOM's) in bulk with your product catalog.
3. Improve your Product Information Management (PIM)Does your product catalog look like a Chinese menu full of duplicate SKU's?

Create a more effective product taxonomy by classifying unstructured product data at the User level.

The JAQi® AI translation & matching engine eliminates manual data entry and interpretation for RFQ lists full of abbreviated product specs, units of measure & nomenclatures

  • Works like a Google search box
  • Eliminates human translation errors
  • Supports bulk, simulataneous search (100's of items)
  • Augments inefficient "point & click", drop-downs & filter based search
  • Fast & accurate catalog matching
  • Copy/paste or upload RFQ lists
  • API-based (ERP, eCommerce, Databases)
  • Intuitive User interface
  • Classifies unstructured product data

Some facts about B2B Digital Buying Preferences & e-Commerce...

  • Millennials are driving up the use of e-Commerce among all B2B Buyers with 31% support
  • 87% of B2B Buyers are purchasing on e-Commerce platforms
  • About 25% of B2B Buyers prefer digital B2B buying
  • All age groups prioritize digital channels, each for different reasons
  • Baby Boomers generally buy through the RFP or tender process more often than any other age group

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