About Us

Metal Networks.AI was launched in 2017 with the goal of enabling the metals industry with cloud-based technology solutions that significantly streamline business processes.  The company recognized that the industry was using legacy or inefficient ERP systems that created massive inefficiencies in the customer-facing quoting process. It developed its first Configure-Price-Quote product with a simple & easy user interface that significantly reduced RFQ processing time, training for new employees, and streamlined a host of other business processes.

Metal Networks realized that AI and machine learning would change the way we work with large volumes of data and transactions - a key challenge for a volume-intensive industry.  We then developed JAQI, the metal industry’s first search engine using machine learning technology that translates Buyer nomenclatures (shorthand) for describing products and matches them with a Seller’s catalogue, thereby significantly reducing the time required to search for the right product.

Leveraging its JAQI search engine technology, the company embarked on solving another industry challenge - enabling Distributors & Service Centers to save time finding the right product to fulfill buyouts from other distributors and dispose overstocked products.  Hence our latest venture to create a 100% channel-centric Distributor-to-Distributor (D2D) marketplace called Buyout Marketplace.

Our purpose-built and modularized technology solutions for the metals industry uses that latest cloud-based SaaS model to deliver cost-effective products to both small and large sized metals distributors, service centers, and mills.


To enable metals distributors, service centers, mills, and traders with machine learning technology that removes the friction of buying and selling metals.


To create a faster and connected channel-centric metals procurement experience.


Leadership Team

Joe Graci

Chair, Board of Directors
Technology & Distribution Executive

Tim Hardman

Chair, Advisory Board
Metals Distribution Executive

Dr. Andrea Lodi

Board Advisor
Chief Data Scientist

Vinayak Jolekar

Board Advisor
Machine Learning

Akbar Khowaja

General Manager & Partner
Metals Supply Chain Expert

Abhay Mathur

Chief Product Architect
Metals Ontology Expert

Ahmer Rafiq

CTO – Infrastructure Architect
& Data Integration


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