About Us

Metal Networks' vision is to enable the industrial B2B space with cloud-based, AI-driven technology solutions that supports digital transformation + Industry 4.0 initiative.

Metal Networks realized that AI and machine learning would change the way we work with large volumes of data and transactions - a key challenge for a volume-intensive industry. So we developed JAQI®, the material industry's first AI search & matching engine that translates product description nomenclatures (shorthand) for describing products and matches them with a Supplier's catalog, thereby significantly reducing data input and the time required to search for the right product by over 80%.

Leveraging its JAQI® search engine technology, the company embarked on solving another industry challenge - enabling Suppliers to save time through intuitive, networked technology.  Hence our latest innovation to create a B2B SaaS Platform that provides a predictable, reliable & cost effective solution.


To enable digital transformation through AI technology.


To create a faster and connected industrial B2B supply chain.