An efficient platform that helps industrial materials supply chains streamline the RFQ process

Register & Invite Your ContactsRegister in < 5 minutes & invite your trusted supply chain partners to connect with you on the platform. We do not collect sensitive information or ask you to upload any files.
Create & Send Your RFQCreate an RFQ with our super easy user interface in 4 simple steps. Use our JAQI® AI search & matching agent to help copy/paste ERP-generated descriptions and JAQI® will do the rest.
Compare Quotes & Track ActivityOur platform automatically collects all the responses and summarizes them for you. Track all of your activity in one convenient place.
Communicate, Collaborate, & ShareOur communication platform allows Users to exchange messages, coordinate logistics, share documents (MTR's, drawings, invoices). Use the live chat feature to communicate in real-time.
Manage RFQ's in a Single ConsoleManaging RFQ's just got easier by managing all your materials procurement activities in one place. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, endless emails and attachments and say hello to a single platform to issue, manage, compare, and close opportunities.

"Simple enough to be usable for an old man like me!" - National Sales & Procurement Manager

Close business faster & easier than ever using the B2B platform!

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AI & Marketplaces Will Dominate the Future of Procurement

The future of procurement will change dramatically in the next 5 years with the rise of Amazon paving the way for supply chains to leverage marketplaces to improve efficiencies. Business process improvements in procurement have been limited to online supplier portals that link vendors to customers or EDI integrations, particularly in the metals industry.

According to Gartner, the procurement and sourcing technology market is evolving rapidly. IT application leaders modernizing procurement technology need to plan for the impact of virtual assistants, cloud-based business intelligence tools and B2B marketplaces.

With hundreds of thousands of metals suppliers globally looking to improve inventory turnover, streamline business processes, and provide customers with a better buying experience will look towards cloud-based B2B marketplaces to solve their biggest challenges.