Metal Networks.AI Expands Use of B2B Platform

Joe Graci News

Metal Networks.AI is pleased to announce the expanded use of its B2B platform for the industrial metals industry. Powered by its market-leading JAQI® AI search engine, the B2B platform allows all Buyers from across the supply chain to benefit from the power of AI technology to connect, collaborate and close business with Suppliers.

“Wholesalers & Service Centers were thrilled to hear that their customers can use the Metal Networks platform to issue RFQ’s, submit bids, communicate, and exchange information under one platform” says Akbar Khowaja, GM US Sales.

The Metal Networks B2B platform provides the industry with marketplace tools without adding sales/commission costs to orders. It’s a very cost-effective platform because nobody gets penalized for closing deals. Its subscription fee is the same whether a Subscriber does 5 deals or 30 deals.

The cloud platform requires no integrations with back-end systems and provides Buyers & Suppliers with advanced DIY tools to buy/sell more efficiently without dealing with “intermediaries.” Buyers & Sellers can use the platform to coordinate logistics, exchange documents, and leverage the built-in communication features to reduce inefficient emails, calls, PDFs and spreadsheets.

Industrial metal Buyers such as SMB manufacturers, machine shops, fabricators, traders, brokers, and independent contractors can use the tools to make their jobs easier. Subscribers have a choice to try the free version or upgrade to the unlimited, feature-rich version for one flat monthly fee.

About Metal Networks.AI

Metal Networks vision is to enable the metals industry with cloud-based, AI-driven e-commerce & marketplace technology solutions that supports digital transformation + Industry 4.0 initiative. Its technology platform was built for front line sales and procurement professionals to streamline tedious processes and empower Users to do their jobs more efficiently.